Creating textures for VR/AR city and bot

To make the textures I first had to go into Maya and screenshot the UV maps for each of the objects I wanted to texture. After I had taken the screenshots I then imported them into Photoshop, First I had to make a new layer for the metal colour of the object for this building I wanted the metal to have a blue tint to it. Then I went into the filter tab, went down to render and selected clouds, then I went to the edit tab and selected fade clouds and used the soft light setting on 65% opacity, then I went to filter and added noise (1-2% depending on the colour).

I then went on to use the lasso tool to copy and paste the shape of the textures onto a new layer, after I had done that I then proceeded to add the cracked and worn effects using custom brushes I found on the internet, after I was done adding the effects I changed the opacity of the layer they were on to 40% and then merged it with the coloured metal layer I then went to the filter tab and selected sharpen.


8-Bit Game Concept

My 8-Bit game is based on the classic Japanese story ‘Kachi-kachi Yama’, where a man captures a troublesome Tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) with plans to cook it later. When the man later leaves for town the Tanuki cried and begged the mans wife to free him, the wife frees the Tanuki and then the Tanuki kills here and plans to play a foul trick on the man. Using its shapeshifting abilities the Tanuki disguises itself as the mans wife and cooked a soup, using the dead woman’s flesh.

When the man came home the disguised Tanuki gave the man the soup, after the meal the Tanuki revealed itself to the man and ran off leaving the man in shock and grief. The couple had been good friends with a rabbit that lived nearby. The rabbit approached the man and told him that it would avenge his wife. Pretending to befriend the Tanuki, the rabbit instead tortured it through various mean, from dropping a bee’s nest on it to ‘treating’ the stings with a peppery poultice that burned.

The title of the story comes from the especially painful trick that the rabbit played. While the Tanuki was carrying a heavy load of kindling on his back to make a campfire for the night, he was so burdened that he did not immediately notice what the rabbit set fire to the kindling. Soon, the crackling sound reached its ears and it asked the rabbit what the sound was. “It is Kachi-Kachi Yama” the rabbit replied. “We are not far from it, so it is no surprise that you can hear it!”. Eventually, the fire reached the Tanuki’s back, burning it badly, but without killing it.

The Tanuki challenged the rabbit to a life or death contest to prove who was the better creature. They were each to build boat and race across a lake in them. the rabbit carved its boat out of a fallen tree trunk, but the foolish Tanuki made a boat of mud. The two were evenly matched at first, but the Tanuki’s mud boat began dissolving in the middle of the lake. As the Tanuki was failing to stay afloat, the rabbit proclaimed its friendship with the human couple, and that this was the Tanuki’s punishment for its horrible deeds.

My version will be slightly different because it will not have animals and will be more of a detective story.