Warburton Animatic


Peer assessment of Warburtons animation


What went well:

  1. Clear story on current scenes (I know what is happening)
  2. Very clear characters, I am able to define each kind of bread

What could be improved:

  1. possibly add more angled frames, rather than front and back
  2. Add text to explosion for more of a cartoon effect

as a result of my peer feedback I went back and changed my animation to re-include the ‘boom’ text to my animation and looked into changing the camera angles for some of the scenes, Unfortunately I was not able to change the camera angles in the animation as I ran out of time.

Animation Treatment

Camera fades in to a scene of a retirement home (dull music playing) with various backed goods camera zooms in on a old fat bagel that is depressed. A slice of bread walks up to the bagel and asks why the bagel why it looks so sad, the bagel replies by saying that it wishes it was more healthy. Then Mr. Warburton bursts through the door to the retirement home and offers to make the bagel more healthy camera fades out and fades back to show the bagel is now a thin bagel (cheerful music playing)and the bagel is now happy because it is more healthy. Camera cuts to Mr. Warburton eating a thin bagel with some kind of filling. Camera cuts to black and displays the Warburtons logo and tagline.