Creating textures for VR/AR city and bot

To make the textures I first had to go into Maya and screenshot the UV maps for each of the objects I wanted to texture. After I had taken the screenshots I then imported them into Photoshop, First I had to make a new layer for the metal colour of the object for this building I wanted the metal to have a blue tint to it. Then I went into the filter tab, went down to render and selected clouds, then I went to the edit tab and selected fade clouds and used the soft light setting on 65% opacity, then I went to filter and added noise (1-2% depending on the colour).

I then went on to use the lasso tool to copy and paste the shape of the textures onto a new layer, after I had done that I then proceeded to add the cracked and worn effects using custom brushes I found on the internet, after I was done adding the effects I changed the opacity of the layer they were on to 40% and then merged it with the coloured metal layer I then went to the filter tab and selected sharpen.