8bit retro side scroller game research

8-bit retro games adhere by three basic guidelines: Strategy, Information Set and Payoff. The information set for most 8-bit games is the UI, the payoff is beating the boss at the end of each level/making it to the end of the level, the strategy is to make it to the end of the level without dying and with the highest score.

Due to the limited capability of computers and game consoles at the time games had to use an 8-bit style so that the system could handle it, due to this limited art style they also could get away with not doing very complex movements with their characters un like with modern games. the limited system also means that you cant use as many colours as you could with modern games so you have to be more carful with your choice of colour pallet for your characters and environments.



Game Theory (Sheriff of Nottingham)

STRATAGY: Smuggle as many goods into market.


INFORMATION SET: Cards and coins.


PAYOFF: Having the most money at the end.


Sheriff of Nottingham Is a game made by Arcane Wonders where the main objective of the game is to get as many goods into market to get the most money by the end of the game. there are bonuses for getting the most of the same Item into market (e.g. Bread King) and Illegal goods (Red cards) which both give you a extra money that the standard cards (Green cards). at the start of every round the a different person becomes the Sheriff the Sheriffs role is to catch people lying about what items they are bringing into market and stop them.







8-Bit Game Concept

My 8-Bit game is based on the classic Japanese story ‘Kachi-kachi Yama’, where a man captures a troublesome Tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) with plans to cook it later. When the man later leaves for town the Tanuki cried and begged the mans wife to free him, the wife frees the Tanuki and then the Tanuki kills here and plans to play a foul trick on the man. Using its shapeshifting abilities the Tanuki disguises itself as the mans wife and cooked a soup, using the dead woman’s flesh.

When the man came home the disguised Tanuki gave the man the soup, after the meal the Tanuki revealed itself to the man and ran off leaving the man in shock and grief. The couple had been good friends with a rabbit that lived nearby. The rabbit approached the man and told him that it would avenge his wife. Pretending to befriend the Tanuki, the rabbit instead tortured it through various mean, from dropping a bee’s nest on it to ‘treating’ the stings with a peppery poultice that burned.

The title of the story comes from the especially painful trick that the rabbit played. While the Tanuki was carrying a heavy load of kindling on his back to make a campfire for the night, he was so burdened that he did not immediately notice what the rabbit set fire to the kindling. Soon, the crackling sound reached its ears and it asked the rabbit what the sound was. “It is Kachi-Kachi Yama” the rabbit replied. “We are not far from it, so it is no surprise that you can hear it!”. Eventually, the fire reached the Tanuki’s back, burning it badly, but without killing it.

The Tanuki challenged the rabbit to a life or death contest to prove who was the better creature. They were each to build boat and race across a lake in them. the rabbit carved its boat out of a fallen tree trunk, but the foolish Tanuki made a boat of mud. The two were evenly matched at first, but the Tanuki’s mud boat began dissolving in the middle of the lake. As the Tanuki was failing to stay afloat, the rabbit proclaimed its friendship with the human couple, and that this was the Tanuki’s punishment for its horrible deeds.

My version will be slightly different because it will not have animals and will be more of a detective story.

Game Theory (Paragon)


Like board games and 8-bit retro games modern games also have three key elements, strategy, Information set and payoff. in Epic Games newest game Paragon we see all of these elements. Paragon is the newest MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) by Epic Games where your aim is to destroy the enemy teams core, to do this you must fight your way through enemy minions, enemy players, enemy towers and inhibitors. throughout the course of the match you gain levels and card points which are used to improve your character, leveling up allows you to unlock and improve your attacks while card power allows you to increase you characters attributes i.e. Health, Mana, Physical Damage and Physical Armour.

The payoff for Paragon is to destroy all of the enemies towers, inhibitors and core before they destroy all of yours. The information set for Paragon is the UI and cards. The strategy for Paragon is to gain card power and levels to boost your characters stats to stop the enemy team from destroying your towers and core.

8-Bit Art

we made 8-Bit art of ourselves and our matte drawing by changing the levels on the pictures to make the light and dark tones stand out more, then we changed the colour mode of our image from RGB to indexed.

We then increased the image pixel size and then shrunk it to a far smaller size, then using using image percent we made the image larger by 200-400 percent. Due to such a small amount of pixels being enlarged the image became pixelated ant that gave us our 8-bit style.