After gathering the footage Matthew Roberts edited them into a trailer just over 2 minutes long. Most of the video had a Blue Ice filter placed on it in Photoshop 2016 and the text titles were edited using After Effects 2015. Below you can see the video prior and after added in the special effects.

The footage used was a mixture of the Cyber-shot and DSLR camera, the audio used was recorded on the recorder, camera and mobile phones, the song used was ‘I Am Dust’ by Gary Numan. This song was appropriate to use as is categorised as ‘Cyber Punk’ and matches the style of our trailer.

The use of a popular song in a niche genre and well played video game will attract two types of audiences as well as our target audience 15-30 year olds (the seriousness and the drama wouldn’t be appropriate for children and older generations to watch). As it wasn’t made with a high budget company there are a few elements that could’ve been improved such as the amplitude levels between voice lines and background music. Additionally there are a few acting parts that could’ve been improved such as the dead bodies as there are slight movements of them breathing and voice lines as some may not sound as convincing. For a trailer based on a small portion of a video game I believe that it is pretty well made, near to professional standards. Some shots such as the last bloody laughing scene, detailed dead body injuries and fight scenes are going to keep audiences captivated and want to watch the full length movie.


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