During our recording we had to make sure the camera equipment used was treated accordingly as it wouldn’t have been easy to replace them, especially when it came to the DSLR and the Tascam recorder as they had the memories cards that contained the recorded files. It is very important in film industries to save their files accordingly and not damage the storage as it may ruin the rest of the film.

When it came to recording, we ensured that all the video files were separate to the audio files and tried not to get mixed up with one another, this is why separating a movie into scenes is much easier as once that scene is done a filming industry can start a new memory card with the next scene. Saving all the video files in the same area did cause some difficulty in my group’s trailer as we had to use a variety of different cameras (due to technical difficulty) on non consecutive dates.

The way in which we kept them safe, we arranged each file into an according folder, this was more difficult on the Cyber-shot as it had a collection of both behind the scenes video and final videos for the trailer. To make them easier to document I would arrange them alphabetically so then they would appear in the order we shot them rather than file size. As Matthew Roberts was editing the final piece Nichola would send all the files to him in a zip. folder so then he can edit them all, this is also the reason as to why there is no audio folder with in Nicholas computer system. Matthew Roberts’ email is 

Re shoots were usually done if we weren’t satisfied with our performance or some one had forgotten the words, this is clearly seen in the bloopers video Nichola uploaded previously where we may have been giggling on set or doing something we shouldn’t have. One time that we found it particularly difficult to shoot would probably be in Eltham Scouts Club as we had more people on set, making it more challenging to gets things perfect and stay professional.

Before collecting the actors we needed, we had to make them sign an ‘Extra’s Release Form’ proving that they give consent to be featured in the trailer and that they were over the age of 18. The actors we got to sign this document was Oscar Homes, Connor Brooks and Amy Lott. All three extras played the role of gang members trying to kill Zachary Creer, however Oscar Holmes had the additional role of transforming into the first murder victim- without these actors, the trailer wouldn’t be as action packed or maintain focus from the audience with the diversity and look of each character. Additionally these people played the role as camera crew when either myself, Zachary Creer, Nichola Humphreys or Matthew Roberts were in shot. The only other crew member that we had working on this trailer was Lauren Brooks but as she was not featured in the trailer, we did not need her to sign a release sheet.



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