My team’s film noir trailer will be based on L.A Noire’s case file, “The Lipstick Murder”, this is where a serial goes around killing women and leaving a cryptic message on the bodies using lipstick. My group’s alternative story is where the chief of the police department (Myself) is the serial killer who has murdered two victims, however another body appears who is a copycat murderer where the body’s (Nichola) throat has been slashed. Additionally the third body that appears is the sister of the mysterious anti-hero (Nichola). This makes the investigation harder for myself as I knows there are two murderers but he cant admit that to the head investigator (Zach).

Myself, Matt, Nichola and Zach have our own individual roles which will ensure that our trailer will be professional and organised. What my jobs entails throughout the filming process is making sure the audio is clear when we go out recording i.e. using the correct boom box appropriate for the wind type, sketching up the story boards for the trailer so we know what kind of shots we can do/ get rid of and help during the editing process, putting the appropriate makeup on the actors & working with latex for the slashed throat victim and assisting Matt during the final editing process, so then Nichola can see if the tint is too blue or if a clip is too short. This’ll mean she will have to practice using various eye shadow pallets for making it appear someone is bruised and working with latex to give the appearance of ripped skin. When it comes to acting on set, Nichola will have to get used to wearing a corset and wearing a steam punk monocle as our main twist to the trailer is steampunk, that and practice on making a fight scene looking realistic as there will be a fight scene with in the trailer between the anti-hero (Nichola) and the police chief (myself). The main actors will be Nichola as the antagonist, myself as the police chief and Zach as the chief detective.

Nichola: main actor, screen writer, assistant editor, makeup

Matt: director, editor, designer, props, actor

Tom: cameraman, sound, main actor, management

Zach: main actor, producer, management

The location we’ve decided to film is in Camden, close to Camden Lock as it has a steampunk feel with the quirky shops and the fashion style that the public wear, they would be ideal for innocent bystanders in the background. Furthermore there are quite a few empty alley ways which will be ideal for chase scenes and sound recordings (there won’t be as much wind compared to recording audio on the main street). Additionally if we lack any props then we can always find a few items in shops and borrow a few off the local people. We may film in other places around London such as alley ways near our houses and within Kingston College for an interview scene. Before filming Nichola will have to make a large sign that says “Student Recording” as we will be working with realistic looking prop guns. Props that we’ll have to get for shooting will be the costumes (though they’ll be worn on the journey there), prop guns, police tape, a camera for Matt to take photos of dead bodies, metal pole for fight scene (made out of foam) and fake blood.

The equipment we will definitely need for our filming will be a boom mic to block out the rough rusting sound of the wind and focus more on the voice of the actors, we probably will not need a large boom as we wont be recording in a windy environment. Something that will also be needed will be a light source whether it be a torch or portable light box as lighting is key for recording if we want to highlight someone’s face to make their facial expressions clear and we’d need a light source if we were recording in a dark environment. As well as those two we’ll need a high quality camera, a reflector to capture natural light, microphone (for the boom box) and scripts for the actors to work on and a heavy duty tripod to put the camera on and to carry the wire which will be plugged in the boom box.

In conclusion we need a selection of items for filming, ideally we would use high quality equipment to ensure we have a high quality video with sharp audio and visual details. As we would be hiring them, we’d have to record in Camden quite early/ late as we’d have to give the equipment back after a few days. Personally my group and I have come up with a great interpretation of the “Lipstick Murder” case and it’ll look very striking with the cyber punk theme.


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