Storyboard 2

Risk assessment sheets are key when it comes to film productions because people have to be safe throughout the production, this usually included blunt objects, prop guns, body doubles and stunt cushions. With our production we checked through this list seeing what would effect this filming and our health and if there were then we wrote down the severity rating going from 1 to 5. One of the conditions that we had to be careful with the most is weather as it would roughly be 5 degrees Celsius and we would be doing shots in the cold, this would be challenging as the actors could be uncomfortable and it could even damage the equipment.


The script was Nicholas job to create, this meant writing up what characters say, various shots and characters motions when saying lines. Usually she would write character’s names on the script however the only character with a name is Zachary Creer, so she decided to just write the actor’s names. After creating the first draft, she compared it to her storyboard and discussed it with the team and we thought it would be best to get rid of the Gene Krupa- Sing Sing Sing (Truth Soul Remix) song from the original L.A. Noire soundtrack and replace it with a song that suits the genre more. Additionally Nichola moved the dead body shots down to about 30 seconds into the trailer, therefore making it more of an impact when the viewers see the victims of the crime.



Next was costume and makeup, this was something I was not experienced with, so with had help from an FX artist Lauren Brooks (@xlauren_brooksx on Instagram), she already had a large portfolio with gruesome makeup, some are listed below. Getting assistance from Miss Brooks was ideal as she knew how to use FX makeup whereas neither myself, Matthew Roberts, Zachary Creer or Nichola Humphreys had much knowledge about it. Some keys products that will be used for the FX makeup would be the Kryolan Brandel Make-Up Palette, Naturo Plasto Wax, Vampire Blood and Kryolan Brandel professional Powder. The possible injuries that we would need for our trailer would be bullet woulds, sliced throats and bruises.

Every film character has an iconic costume, for example Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ or Darth Vader from ‘Star Wars’, like them we tried to make a each character have a unique style however we didn’t want the costumes to give off too much colour/ attention that it would reveal parts of their character and spoil the story. Having a tonn of browns, black and whites, these are pretty neutral colours, according to  “brown colour meaning calls for high priority, a strong need for security”, “White contains a balance of all colors in the spectrum that represents both the positive and negative aspects of all colors”, “The closer the gray comes to black, the more dramatic and mysterious it becomes.” and “Black is a color that is often used to portray something evil, depressing, scary and even death in the Western civilisation… In color psychology black means power and control”. We tried to have the three main characters (Nichola Humphreys, Thomas Duncan and Zachary Creer) to be a mixture of all three colours to have a balanced appearance.

When filming we will need a large list of equipment, this will mean hiring out equipment such as a Tascam DR-05 Voice Recorder, Sigma 24mm Art Lens, DSLR cameras, Rode boom stick, Windshield Microphone, 2 in 1 Light Reflector and an XLR cable to connect the recorder to the microphone. Devices that will be available to us will be a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX500, various mobile phone for photos/ recordings private computers for editing the final cut. The range of cameras will help for our filming because we will be able to capture movement more clearly; DSLRs for the gorey close ups and the character expression and the Cyber-shot for action scenes where the camera follows the movement. As we wont be filming in too many dark areas, we will only be using the light reflector to focus on someone’s face in a scene, other than than we will be using natural light so it wont effect the dark cyber punk tone too drastically. As Zachary Creer’s character will be the main protagonist his costume will change the most, in fight scenes he will not be wearing the long brown coat  whereas in casual shots and crimes scenes he will have the addition of the coat.

(Add photos of equipment)


Props were essential of our trailer as we’d want to have action scenes to keep the target audience (young people and adults, 15-30) “glued” to the trailer. The props we used were a fake mp5, fake pump action shotgun, fake revolver, a blunt screwdriver and fake pistol, these would be the weapons used by different characters. Additionally there will be a batting stick for the fight scene between Matthew Roberts and Zachary Creer.

During our filming we will go to a wide range of areas to film, as we live in different areas in London each member had written down ideas where to film, the key places we chose were New Eltham (Scout Club and forest), Camden Lock, Wimbledon and Morton Park Green. Having these different locations adds a variety of different environments and possibilities to make shots like interrogation scenes, action shots and casual shots while still keeping to the cyber punk theme. New Eltham, Wimbledon and Camden Lock will provide us with shots that will continuously show that most of the investigation takes place in the city, other than the last body which is the plot twist of the story.

The location recce checklist is a document that is needed to see what services will be provided and what will be needed on the day of filming. This job was allocated to Zachary Creer and myself, we made sure to tell and show everyone where the local toilets are, how much money would be needed to travel and what the dangers could be to all the actors (Nichola Humphreys, Matthew Roberts and Zachary Creer). One of the major health and saftey hazard would be the the cars that drive through Camden as they are quite close to the busy walk path so one of us could collide with a car by accident.


Once we had all the elements together, next up was to name out trailer as we didn’t have on yet, these are a few different ideas we came up with. As a final decision we went with ‘Werewolf’ as it ties in with the original ‘Red Lipstick Murder’ in the L.A. Noire game where the murder’s nickname was ‘The Werewolf’.

Red Cop, Red Homocide, Doubt, Cyber Blood, Werewolf, Bloody Murder, Betrayal


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