Film Noir Final edit

I edited the clips we filmed using Adobe Premiere. I used the preview window to select what parts of the clip I wanted to use and then imported them into my timeline after  I had sorted out all of my clips I then made my video black and whit by changing the contrast of the video and adding a black and white effect to all of the clips in the timeline.

La Noire Ideas Research

Option 1

The red Lipstick Murder

Synopsis: This case in the game is loosely based on the ‘Black Delilah’ murder, in the game after receiving a promotion the main character and their new homicide partner get a briefing from the police captain telling them to drive to a crime scene on a hill called The Moors. There they find the body naked, mutilated and gravely beaten. The body has a footprint on the victim’s chest, a message written in lipstick and a piece of jewellery torn from their finger. One of the other police officers at the crime scene then brings some relevant information about the case revealing that the injuries indicate that the serial killer is “The werewolf”.

In order to progress through the case a series of steps, once the body and other clues have been inspected you must then go the Bamba Club to question the owner. You must then go to the Henry Residence to interview Jacob Henry, your partner then enrages Jacob and you have to defend yourself from Jacob, once you have defended yourself you then have to use the telephone in the kitchen to call for a transport and to pick up a message from the coroner about the cause of death and to learn that the licence plate was traced to Alonzo Mendez.

My Idea: The idea for my version of this case is to set it in modern times and to leave the murder unsolved. The victim can either be a man or a woman, the trailer will show scenes from the murder scene, one of the two interviews, case details from the police captain, of the main character defending themselves and chasing down a possible suspect. The trailer will be set up like one of the trailers for Luther or Sherlock.


Option 2

The golden butterfly

Synopsis: The main actor is in the detectives’ office with his partner when the captain calls him about a new homicide. Both actors’ head to the crime scene to find that the captain is trying to fend off a swarm of reporters, trying to get pictures and quotes. The police captain then tells the main character that he will address the media after the autopsy. After you get to the body the coroner tells you that the body has strangulation marks made by a certain type rope on her neck, marks on her chest indicating stomping, left hand missing a ring, right hand wising a watch. The victims purse/wallet has a name tag and some money in it and there are some footprints either side of a nearby tree. After you have fully inspected the crime scene you then have to go and interview varying suspects and then you discover who the killer is.

My Idea: for my iteration of this case it would be set in dystopian present day. The victim can again be either a man or a woman the trailer will show also show scenes from the crime scene, one of the interviews, the police captain trying to fend off the reporters and the main characters chasing down the primary suspect. Unlike my first idea the murderer will be caught in this. The trailers will be set up like Prisoners, Zodiac or Inside Man