Animation Treatment

Camera fades in to a scene of a retirement home (dull music playing) with various backed goods camera zooms in on a old fat bagel that is depressed. A slice of bread walks up to the bagel and asks why the bagel why it looks so sad, the bagel replies by saying that it wishes it was more healthy. Then Mr. Warburton bursts through the door to the retirement home and offers to make the bagel more healthy camera fades out and fades back to show the bagel is now a thin bagel (cheerful music playing)and the bagel is now happy because it is more healthy. Camera cuts to Mr. Warburton eating a thin bagel with some kind of filling. Camera cuts to black and displays the Warburtons logo and tagline.


Poster evaluation

The purpose of the assignment was to enable us to use our knowledge of artists and genres to inspire our initial ideas for our posters, by studying both traditional print making and artistic techniques where we would develop visual communication skills, and by investigating digital design and software applications. These skill-sets would inform us for our own creative work. The scenario we were given was to design a poster to promote the RIAS Festival of Architecture 2016, in this poster we had to include “Festival of Architecture”, “2016” and the logo for RIAS.


To start the project we had to analyse and summarise existing examples of modernist and post-modernist posters and what techniques were used to create it and what message they convey. We then had to use our research and knowledge of the history of communications to inform us of ideas to prepare and develop sketches/layout/colour using a variety of media that clearly shows the progress of our designs. Finally we had to produce one final A3 poster that was appropriate to the brief and two well-developed alternatives.


I got the idea for my final poster from looking at different aspects of architecture and decided to design my final poster after blueprints for buildings. My idea for my poster started out as me wanting to use buildings with weird aesthetics but I decided to change my idea to be a blueprint for a building because I thought that using a blueprint design would suit the brief better than my original idea. I started off with some sketches for my layout and also with the selection of some suitable images for my initial ideas. After that I have selected three of those ideas to develop them further in Photoshop. For my first version of the poster I used the image of iconic, futuristic building of the museum of modern art in Bilbao, Spain. I wonted the background to be in white plain colours the building will stand out better.


On the second version I have chosen another image of modernistic building with bold and cubic shape in the natural environment. On both layouts I have experimented with different compositions of the images, logo and the text, but I wasn’t happy with the outcome so I have decided to develop further my blueprint idea. I have chosen appropriate image of a technical drawing and I use only white colour for the outlines and the text. It turned up that the design was very successful according my peers’ feedback and I decided to present this version as my final poster design.


I think my overall design suits the brief and advertises the Festival of Architecture well. I would not make any changes to my design as I feel like my current design meets all the criteria. If I have had more time for this project I would have possibly change the layout and experiment more with the different fonts and sizes in order to make the information more accessible from a distance.

ambient sound loop final



Both files were composed in Garage Band and then edited in Adobe Audition. For the first track I used an electric guitar for the main beat as it suited the beat more than any of the other instruments and sounded the best at the high tempo. For the second track I used synth instruments as I wanted something to help the imagery of electric cars and I thought that using synth would do this best as synth is normally associated with electrical and futuristic set games and films.