Task 1: Analyse of modernist and post-modern posters

Modernist Poster – Erberto Carboni, Barilla – la pasta del buon appetito, 1952

Modernist poster design


The Modernism as a movement believed that each generation have to stay firmly on the foundations of the past styles but to come up with the new ides and contributions that will break eventually the well established benchmarks and tease the perceptions of people in a new way. The modernism has been always associated with technology innovations and progress. The artists have rejected the traditional ideas of the realism and have laid the foundation of the mass production and consumerism. The new profession of the industrial designer has been born from the movement.




I have selected this Italian modernistic poster because it is a good example of e main artistic features for the modern art. The graphic designer had used limited colour pallet, simple shapes and forms to visualise the idea and promote the product and bold distinguished typeface that could be easily associated with the food logo. The vertical layout arrangement brings the symmetry to the whole composition. All details are neatly arranged and the shapes are well defined. I like the simplicity of the style and the plain colours that have been used in this poster. All graphic elements communicate the main idea well and send an appealing message to the viewer. The typeface with the name of the product could be accepted as a logo as well. It has a bold letter shapes and is in Italic. Snappy promotional words have been written with the same fond but in regular style and in smaller size. This poster has been created in the traditional way by using most likely gouache / tempera techniques and maybe stencils for the letters and after that it has been photographed to go further into the lithography production process.

Post-Modern Poster - Niklaus Troxler, Ray Anderson Alligator Band, 1993
Post-Modern Poster – Niklaus Troxler, Ray Anderson Alligator Band, 1993

Post Modernist poster design



After 1960’s the Post-modern movement ideas have been established. The cultural climate in the western world has changed and more and more artists have started to question the modern ideas. The focus were than put on the equality and diversity between people. More personal approach and values were put into the process of making Art. The design forms had more political and social attitude. The art become more intuitive and playful.


In my chosen poster design from this movement I like the continuity of the shapes and the use of bright and vivid subtractive colours. The green and the hot pink colour created a nice appealing contras. This poster advertises a jazz event; it has the information of the venue, its date and time and who is going to perform. From a distance the poster looks like a nice pattern and it entices the public attention with its bold shape and colours. When the viewer looks at it closer he could see and read the info. The layout has a very unique composition the crocodile ark shape has been flipped horizontally to look like it bites the tail of the previous crocodile and it has been repeated a couple of times to create a pattern, that forms a continuous ‘s’ shape. This poster was created on a computer by using Photoshop and may be Illustrator. The new technology has shortened the time for the production of the graphic design and makes it easy later to be printed.